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Our compliance management platform automates all the compliances that a listed company and it listed/unlisted subsidiaries need to follow. It is a powerful automation system backed up by two teams of qualified company secretaries. One of the team works with clients to enable the smooth setup and execution of the system, as per the client’s specific parameters. The other team focuses on scanning and continuously monitoring for any changes/enhancements to the relevant regulations, which are then updated on the platform. Thus, ensuring that the client system’s compliance-content libraries and associated triggers are kept up to date in a timely manner

Key Highlights of the Platform

Latest Feature

Insider Trading and UPSI Module

The new SEBI regulation effective April 1st on Insider Trading and UPSI requires companies to maintain a structured digital database as well as other requirements relating to the same. GovEVA due to its unique architecture is one of the first to incorporate this automation, thus ensuring that our clients are always up to date on all compliances.


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