FAQs for Compliance modules:

Q: What is GovEVA/DigiCompany compliance module?

  • The GovEVA compliance module is a system or software tool designed to help public companies ensure compliance with various statutory and regulatory requirements imposed by government bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Companies Act, 2013 and LODR.
  • It is a user-friendly module that has predefined compliance tasks based on your type of company.

Q: What are the key features of the compliance module?

A. Here are few key features of Goveva/DigiCompany Compliance module:

  • Tracking and managing compliance deadlines.
  • Generating compliance calendars and reminders
  • Maintaining records of compliance activities
  • Documenting and organizing relevant compliance documents
  • Generating compliance reports
  • Providing access to updated regulatory laws and provisions
  • Facilitating collaboration and communication among stakeholders
  • Ensuring data security and confidentiality

Q: Can the system be accessed from anywhere and anytime?

A: Yes, Compliance module is a web-based solution and can be accessed with Google Chrome from anywhere.

Q: Would we need different logins for different companies in the same group of companies?

A: With one login you can access all companies in the same group and can easily switch between companies.

Q: What is the limit on number of users for the system?

A: There is no limit on number of users.

Q: The system is equipped with what all compliances?

A: The system has predefined compliances that are in adherence with Companies act 2013, Secretarial standards, SEBI and LODR compliances.

Q: Can a company add their internal compliance checklist to the system?

A: Yes the company can add their internal compliance in the system.

Q: What is the feature of my task dashboard?

A: Under my task you can see all the compliance assigned to you with their respective due dates.

Q: Can we set automated emails?

A: Yes, emails and reminders are automated and the language of the emails can be edited in email templates.

Q: Do all users have same access?

A: Admin can decide on different access level that needs to be provided to each user and hence each user can have role-based access.

Q: Does system send reminders for standard periodic compliance?

A: Yes, The system sends reminders for periodic compliance.

Q: How does the system work for event-based compliance?

A: The system reads event-based compliance from meeting agenda and activates relevant compliances to ensure that all compliances are met.

Q: Can I set up board meetings through this system?

A: Yes, you can set up board meetings, with agendas, relevant documents and share minutes of meeting post the board meetings that results in saving a lot of time for the CS team. 

Q: Can I see changes and notes made by my team for each task?

A: Yes, historical view is available for each task and changes made by each team member.

Q: Does the system support circular resolutions?

A: Yes, the system supports circular resolutions.

Q: How can I retrieve my old data in the system?

A: The system takes periodic backup ensuring that your data is also saved and secured.